Valencian Paella Cooking Class and Tour Market
Private Class - Paella Workshop

Valencian paella experience

We are a valencian experience. We offer paella cooking class. Our aim is that you have an unforgetable experience. We want to teach you in a way that you feel ready to prepare an authentic paella by your own. And that you always remember the most important ingredient: to have fun! Our space is available for private paella classes or private events of another kind. Welcome to a very special encounter! Join into a group or request a for private paella workshop.

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valencian paella
Valencian Paella

The original recipe born in the Valencian Community. The rice is the main ingredient followed by chicken, rabbit and vegetables.

seafood paella
Seafood Paella

This paella recipe is more laborious. Needs fish and vegetables previous broth, for its elaboration a sauté called "salmorreta"

Vegetable paella
Vegetable Paella

Made with seasonal vegetables founded in the vegetable fields of Valencia. It has not meat or fish.
100% Vegan


Private paella cooking class - team building

We make paella workshops for groups in private and team building. We prepare a experience specially made for you. Contact us to receive more information.