Vegetable Paella Recipe

Ingredients 4 pax

400 g round rice
100 g mushrooms
400 g green beans
400 g of artichoke
160 g butter bean or lima bean
2 tomatoes and 1/2 onion
200 g zucchini and 200 g of carrot
Paprika and pepper
130 ml olive oil

Paella verdura

Preparation of ingredients

Prepare the necessary rice and water (1 part rice to 3.5 parts water)

Prepare the saffron infusion

Cut tomato in halve

Peel garlic

Separate the parsley leaves and discard the stem

Unsheath the butter bean and soak in boiling water

Cut the pepper, courgette and carrot into sticks

Remove the stem from the beans and chop

Peel the artichoke and cut into wedges (keep in water with lemon)

Fillet the mushrooms

Cut the onion into brunoise

Elaboration of the paella

1. Generously oil the paella and fry the sprig of rosemary.
2. Salmorreta: Over low heat, fry the tomato, garlic and parsley. Add to a pitcher and whip.
3. Sauté the thickest vegetables FIRST (green beans and artichoke), removing them to the corners once they are fried. Continue with the rest of the vegetables, fry until lightly browned, maintaining an “al dente” consistency, remove to the corners.
4. Add oil whenever the paella needs it
5. Over very low heat, briefly fry the chopped ñora, smoked paprika and rosemary. Saute with oil until you get a paste.
6. Add the salmorreta, mix with the ñora pasta and cook until it loses most of the water
7. Add the water, season with salt, bring to a boil and add saffron and rosemary infusion.
8. Add the rice and distribute it evenly throughout the paella along with the rest of the ingredients
9. Cook until dry.
10. IMPORTANT the rice must be dry and at its cooking point.
11. Bon appetit