Valencian Paella Recipe

Ingredients 4 pax

400 g round rice
500 g of chicken and rabbit (pork ribs is another option)
400 g beans
400 g of artichoke
160 g butter bean or lima bean 
2 tomatoes
130 ml olive oil

paella valenciana valencian paella

Preparation of ingredients

Measure the necessary rice and water (1 part of rice, 4 of water)

Prepare a saffron infusion

Unsheath the butter bean and soak in boiling (if is fresh)

Chopping green beans

Grate tomato

Chop garlic

Peel the artichoke (preserve with water and lemon)

Elaboration of the paella

1. Generously oil the paella.
2. Stir-fry meat
3. Once golden, remove the meat from the edge of the pan
4. Lightly fry the artichokes and beans
5. Add oil whenever the paella needs it
6. Fry minced garlic, the ñora and add paprika
7. Add tomato to the previous sauce together with the drained butter bean
8. Cook the tomato
9. Pour the water and stir.
10. Rectify salt.
11. Add saffron and stir.
12. Salt control and rectify if necessary.
13. Add, distribute and cook the rice for 15/20 minutes depending on the variety.
14. SOCARRAT With a minimum fire, the rice slowly caramelizes at the end of cooking