Seafood Paella Recipe

Ingredients 4 pax

400 g round rice
600 g of cuttlefish
2 tomatoes
Ground ñora
Ground paprika
130 ml olive oil

paella marisco seafood paella

Preparation of ingredients

Measure the necessary rice and water (1 part of rice, 2,5 of broth)

Prepare a saffron infusion

Cut tomato in halves

Peel the garlic cloves

Cut onion brunoise

Clean and cut the cuttlefish

Elaboration of the paella

1. Generously oil the paella
2. Lightly fry the shellfish over low heat and set aside
3. Salmorreta: fry the tomato, garlic and parsley in the paella. Then whip the three ingredients
4. Sauté the onion, browning it a little and removing it to the corners
5. Over low heat, fry the cuttlefish, browning it a little and remove to the corners
6. Over very low heat, fry the ñora and paprika
7. Add and cook the salmorreta
8. Fry the rice (nacarar)
9. Add the broth
10. Salt control (correct if is necessary)
11. Stir and evenly distribute the rice and the rest of the ingredients
12. Raise the fire to the maximum 5 minutes and the rest at medium/minium power
13. At the end of cooking, when there is little broth left and the rice is about to appear, add the prawns
14. SOCARRAT at minimum heat